Digital signal processing

Cardia DSP provides:

  • Based on CamillaDSP
  • Driver linearisation, where each driver is measured and linearised to perform optimally
  • Driver timing alignment, so that music arrives coherently to the listener
  • Active cross-overs, involving 7 drivers for each Keystone, and 8 drivers per Bedrock – for a total of up to 30 drivers
  • 32 channel DAC running at 192KHz
  • Option for ADC at 192KHz with additional module, supporting line level and phono input
  • Integration with Roon for volume and mute
  • Digital 64bit volume control with support for equal loudness contouring
  • Support for user supplied Digital Room Correction FIR’s to be included in DSP
  • Management via Web UI

Cardia DSP consists:

  • 32 chanel DAC
  • CPU board/computer for DSP