8 channel amplifier

The Ochto amplifier currently provides:

  • Designed specifically for the Keystone and Bedrock speakers
  • Employs 4 x Hypex NC252MP amplifiers (each module provides 2 channels of audio)
  • Connectivity is via DB-25 XLR and 2 x 4 ch SpeakOn connectors
  • Use of industry standard DB-25 XLR connectors for analogue output (each DB-25 connector handles 8 channels of audio) 

Still in development is the integration of a small computer (Raspberry Pi4) to manage some extra functions:

  • Heat dissipation based on very quiet fans that turn on only if required
  • Fans / power management via dedicated Raspberry Pi 4 in each amplifier
  • Front panel LEDs for power and status monitoring (e.g. clipping, power on)
  • Wake on signal, managed via Cardia