Keystone Loudspeaker

A great place to start

The Keystone has 7 drivers, each chosen to excel in their designated frequency range.

Like the Bedrock, each driver in the Keystone is driven by a separate Digital to Analogue and Power Amplifier to achieve the best from each driver, independent of each other.

Each driver in the Keystone is contained in its own chamber, tuned and damped internally with felt, wool and/or acrylic padding.

The Keystone (and the Bedrock) employ digital signal processing to focus the low frequencies towards the listener, reducing room bass interactions compared to conventional speakers.

The woofers are Kevlar coated paper-based, taking care of low frequencies before handing off to dedicated mid-woofer, midrange and tweeter.

The midwoofer and midrange are bonded paper based, and the tweeter is Beryllium.


Weight: 26 kg each

Dimensions: 262mm (W), 480mm (H), 484mm (D)

Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20,000 Hz